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Until recently, I classified my creativity under the general occupational title of Graphic Designer. Then a business associate shone light on the involved work I do which gave me new perspective. He credits my designs, marketing and "thinking out of the box" on having a large impact on the growing attention to the human rights organization he chairs. In knowing the roles I have embraced the past few years for specific community-oriented businesses and organizations, he suggested I rebrand myself as a Social Change Graphics Artist. A simple definition for Social Graphic Design, is, as AIGA puts it, "design for good." I realized I'm part of a growing movement of designers looking to apply their skills for the greater good of a community. For some clients, I take an active position in leadership, where my skills as a designer, social media marketer, network administrator and event planner are all utilized in ongoing projects. For others, I'm asked to amplify a specific event, program or a cause that benefits communities and positive social change. I have a penchant for working with those who offer meaningful social opportunities through art, culture, music, the great outdoors and healthy living. And I am particularly passionate about human rights causes. For me, it's a thrill bringing people together to experience artistic expression and cultural diversity. Overall, my hope is to inspire others to move towards a healthy, mindful way of living through social responsibility.

Alexandria Evans

Alexandria Evans


Owner of Kreative Juice House: Graphic & Web Design Services

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