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The Sloatsburg Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit community organization dedicated to promoting economic opportunity and improving local quality of life through advocacy, leadership, events, and education, all to benefit members and the wider corridor community in which they live.

Our members come from all walks of life, and includes local businesses, professionals (engineers, doctors, lawyers), residents, first responders (police, fire, ambulance), and the many other groups and

organizations (seniors, scouts, historical societies, American Legion) that make up our vibrant, semi-rustic community.


Our traditional, seasonal outreach events bring together the entire Sloatsburg community and welcome guests from throughout the Hudson Valley. They include December’s family-friendly Winterfest and our spring and fall Block Parties. 

Since 1988, the Sloatsburg Chamber has supported and

tuxedo bark club.jpg

sponsored the annual Sloatsburg Elementary School 5th grade contest and prize for the best essay about “What Sloatsburg Means to Me."


Our mission is to improve communication between the Sloatsburg Chamber, its members, the Village, and wider community, as well as encourage cultural and civic events, activities, and provide programs and services that lead to improvements in the vitality and prosperity of Sloatsburg and the surrounding community.

We believe that together we’re better, and that by working closely together, side by side, where all are welcome, we can build a more dynamic, inclusive and prosperous Sloatsburg. 


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